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Plan Your Honeymoon Cruise

So you have finally decided to settle down and tie the knot with the man of your dreams. Since you were little, you’ve always dreamed of a perfect wedding, capped off with a romantic honeymoon. You have grown tired of those holidays with your friends, and now you’re all set to go on that romantic cruise with your honey. Here are some things you should remember when planning a cruise:

Book early. By early, I mean 3-6 months prior to your scheduled cruise. If you book early, you get the best choice of cabins and save up to 25—50% off.

Pack light. You can never tell, you just might end up having your luggage misplaced somewhere. It’s better to just bring the absolute essentials like thehub and leave your other more valuable stuff at home.

Choose your boat. The most common mistake committed by newbies is booking the wrong ship. Usually, people put all their energies in picking out the destination that they forget to pay enough attention to the boat. Isn’t that what a cruise is supposed to be all about? Consider your budget and priorities when picking out a ship. Some ships have an ambiance more conducive to party people, while some have a more laid back atmosphere.

For any vacation to be successful, all it needs is proper planning ahead of time. Follow the simple tips above, and you’re sure to have a spectacular honeymoon cruise.

Broaden Your Horizons on a Cruise Holiday


All holidays offer you the chance to experience new things, but if you really want to broaden your horizons nothing can beat a cruise trip. These waterborne adventures offer you the chance to explore an array of destinations within a short period of time – and all without the hassle of having to plan your itinerary yourself.

Of course, for the best experiences, you’ll need to look out for the perfect cruise deals; these days it’s easy to do that online. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular cruise areas.

Central America

Central America is renowned as a great spot for these seafaring sojourns. This part of the world is packed with iconic attractions. From golden beaches to lush rainforests and mesmerizing Mayan ruins, there’s no shortage of things to see. You can also travel along the Panama Canal, which as well as being a functional waterway is a sightseeing marvel in itself. Cruises in this part of the world can incorporate the likes of Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama.


The Mediterranean is another superb place for a cruise trip, and many people are drawn to the delights found in the western parts of this ocean. Covering the likes of France, Spain and Italy, these trips will take you to some of the most iconic cities and tourist attractions on Earth. From the architecture of Gaudí in Barcelona to St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums in Rome, you won’t be stuck for things to see.

Meanwhile, on tours in the Eastern Mediterranean, you’ll get the chance to explore countries like Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Malta, Greece and Turkey. One must-see if you make these trips is the city of Istanbul. Spanning two continents, this vast and ancient metropolis is home to an array of fascinating religious sites, including the Blue Mosque.


Then there’s the Caribbean to consider. Famed for its warm waters and white sands, this area is ideal for relaxing sun-soaked cruises. Because of its history, having been settled by the British, Dutch, French and Spanish, this region is home to an array of cultures. It also boasts beautiful towns, verdant tropical forests and historical harbors. Favorite stop-offs include Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua, but there are many other islands to visit too.

As long as you plan your trip carefully and choose the best possible itinerary, your cruise should be the holiday of a lifetime.

Image by roger4336, used under Creative commons license.

The Top Five Most Romantic Cruise Destinations For Couples

If you are looking to book an intimate trip for you and your loved one this autumn, then you could do far worse than plan a romantic cruise in some exotic world location. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or simply looking to celebrate the forthcoming festive period, an international cruise can provide the ideal environment in which to share your precious time together. The only challenge you face is selecting from the wide range of romantic cruise packages on the market, so that you and your partner can enjoy the trip that you deserve.

5 of the Top Five Cruise Destinations for Couples

With this in mind, which cruise destinations remain the most popular among loved up couples? Consider the following: –

Ÿ  Orlando, Florida: Orlando is a unique and fun filled location, adorned with wonder and the opportunity of adventure for couples and families alike. The Disney Wonder cruise offered by Disney Cruise Lines is an  ideal way to traverse this particular part of the world,  as it  allows you to bask in the splendour of the region before visiting locations such as Nassau and the Bahamas.

Ÿ  The Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia: For couples looking to unwind in each others company and bask in the serene charm of a unique location, a Norwegian Fjord cruise is a travelling experience not to be missed. Although not necessarily an inexpensive trip, these cruise packages offer you unique insight into one of northern Europe’s most natural and splendid landscapes.

Ÿ  The Mediterranean, Europe: The Mediterranean is not only a region rich in culture and unique history, but it also boasts numerous resorts distinguished by natural beauty. There are a number of cruise packages that take in these sights, visiting sun-kissed and exotic locations such as Greece, Turkey, Italy and Barcelona in Spain. This is ideal for a romantic break, as couple seek to reaffirm their love for one another.

Ÿ  The Mexican Riviera, Central America: Music plays in the heart of everyone, and couples often have a soundtrack that charts the development of their relationship. A trip along the bright and vibrant Mexican Riviera, where mariachi bands play live and spontaneous music, provides the ideal backdrop for couples to reconnect with melody and create another chapter in their journey together.

Ÿ  The Caribbean, Central America: The Caribbean cruise remains synonymous with travelling on the open waters, and it’s unique white beaches and turquoise coloured waters provide a romantic paradise in which love can blossom. A typical package will take in sights such as Montego Bay, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, and create a relaxing atmosphere where couples can rediscover their connection.

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