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Touring The City


If you want a different kind of vacation, then consider a guided tour around a city like San Antonio. There are more things that you can see and do on a tour that you might not think about if you were to travel through the area on your own.

It’s often less expensive taking a tour than it is finding a hotel room and going to all of the attractions in a city. Most of the things like this are included in a guided tour. You might have to pay for your food at times or get souvenirs, but lodging and transportation is often included. Some tour companies will include a meal on your trip. This is often somewhere that might have a show involved or shopping before or after the meal. When you choose to go on a tour, you will know that the trip will be organized. There will be a schedule to follow that includes sightseeing at the most popular destinations in the city. Guided tours avoid areas that might be dangerous, and you are usually given information about each stop so that you don’t have to do research on your own.

You can learn more about San Antonio guided tours by looking online. There are usually pictures and reviews by travelers who have been on the tour.

European adventure

I came across a blog site of a young Filipino couple who loves to travel abroad. One of the recent entries is about their European tour. Only last May, the young couple visited a medieval city in Belgium. They were not able to fully elaborate what they saw in Belgium besides an overwhelming description of chocolates they found on display in the shops of Bruges. The entry is also loaded with pictures of the couple with the beautiful sites of Belgium serving as backdrop. They are just lovely.

Another blog entry that is too interesting (especially for postcard collectors) not to share is their project fridge which involves sending postcards to their relatives and friends and buying magnets to stick it with from the places they have traveled.

I may not know the couple personally but I sure learned a lot from their European adventure.

Image not mine

Intramuros Tour Sched

If you are planning to visit Intramuros today for an arranged tour with no less than Mr. Carlos Celdran as your guide, you can check the following dates and the corresponding fee for both adults and kids. (I’m reposting the information from this site.)


August 20 – Monday – 9:00am
August 23 – Thursday – 3:00pm
August 24 – Friday – 9:00am
August 25 – Saturday – 3:00pm
August 26 – Sunday – 3:00pm
August 31 –  Friday – 3:00pm

All tours begin at Fort Santiago &
end at Plaza San Luis Parking Lot.


Php1100.00 – Adult
Php600.00 – Student

Check out the link provided above to know more about the guided tour.