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The Many Civilian Uses for Police Vests, Uniform Pants & More

There are many pieces of a police officers uniform that can be used by the average citizen as well. While these articles of clothing and accessories were designed with the police force in mind, they have many practical civilian uses. Police clothing gear was designed to be durable and rugged. Once of the most useful items is the police vest. There are two kinds of vests, the bulletproof version and the tactical vest. The bullet proof vest is designed to stop a variety of bullets and protect the torso from penetration. Many hunters choose to wear them for added protection. The tactical vest has a broader range of use for the most people. This vest is made of light weight material and has a variety of pockets designed to hold different kinds of equipment and gear securely and safely.

Police offices, especially the S.W.A.T personnel, have amazing uniform pants . These uniform pants are great for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and even as work pants. The uniform pants worn by S.W.A.T patrol agents are general cargo pants with many pockets and compartments to hold a variety of gear. They are made of a thick and durable cotton. These uniform pants are manufactured in a way that make them much longer lasting than regular cargo pants and allow them to withstand anything that is thrown at them. They are also stain resistance, requiring less up keep and few replacements. Since difference police forces wear different colors they are available in several color options.

Just a police officer do, people enjoying the outdoor activities mentioned above need to be able to easily carry a great deal of equipments and gear. On top of the compartments in a vest and uniform pants, law enforcements have a wide variety of bags available to carry additional items. There are duffle bags, backpacks, laptop bags and even smaller bags that can be secured to a belt or around an arm or leg. The bags are usually made of a sturdy nylon material and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and material to work for a variety of situations.