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On Flower Deliveries and Traveling Light

Anyone who invented the phrase “travel light” might have been a seasoned traveler himself and probably have experienced the hassles of travelling with a huge backpack and several hand carries on either hands on one or two occasions that he has made it his new mantra to not carry his entire wardrobe or bedroom the next time he boards the plane for yet another travel adventure.

Here are a few tips how you can do the same:

  • Bring clothes made of light fabric, that way they will be half as bulky and is easier to fit in your rucksack or carryall
  • Instead of hoarding on souvenir items, which can be such a pain to fit into your bags and luggage, as gifts to families and friends, buy postcards and send them from where you are vacationing. Your friends will surely appreciate the thought more
  • Be creative and adventurous, instead of buying your mom native delicacies as souvenir why not hit the local flower shop and ask for their custom flower delivery service. Your mom would surely appreciate the thought and would melt at the sight of the lovely flowers.