Tips for travelling to South Africa

Even before the Football World Cup 2010, interest in South Africa as a holiday destination has greatly increased over the past 20 years, particularly as those returning from their visits have raved about the country’s natural beauty and the friendliness of its people. Before you plan your holiday to this diverse country follow these top tips and ensure your holiday adventure is one to remember.

1.Indulge in a spot of escapism by reading up on locations that interest you and looking at the photographs.  This is a wonderful way to whet your appetite but the research will also greatly assist in ensuring that the holiday will meet your specific requirements.

2. If you are not restricted by school holidays aim to travel in the low seasons (May to Sept) to secure excellent rates. It may mean you can enjoy a luxury, 5-star experience, previously considered to be out-of-reach.

3.Before you travel read the book Jock of the Bushveld by Percy Fitspatrick. This is a true story about Percy and his adventures as ox-wagon transport rider in the bushveld in the 1880s and about his special relationship with his dog Jock. This iconic, easy to read novel is packed with adventure and will paint a picture of the scenery you will encounter.

4.No matter what else you see in South Africa be sure to include a safari in one of the country’smany mesmerising game reserves.

5.With a favourable exchange rate why not splash out on your accommodation in South Africa.  You will find you get significantly more for your money compared to other destinations.

6.Any travel comes with risks and to ensure that any potential hiccups don’t break the bank,be sure to purchase your travel insurance before or just after you book your holiday. This is vital, if you wait too long you won’t be covered should you need to cancel the holiday for an unforeseen event.

7.If you are travelling to a malaria area of South Africa you will require anti-malarial tablets and you may need to have these ordered so don’t leave it to the last minute.  There are a number of malaria-free safari destinations if this is a particular concern.

8. Only entrust your travel planning to a reliable, expert tour operator who has in-depth knowledge of South Africa and who is properly licensed to ensure you are 100% protected.

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