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My Longest Walk in La Union


Me in yellow shirt

I remember my longest walking experience in Bacnotan, La Union. It was semestral break and my best friend invited me and another friend to spend a weekend in her home province. I couldn’t remember the exact name of the place where we took a hike, but I think it’s somewhere near Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University also in Bacnotan. It was one of the tiring trek I had in my life. But when we reached the peak, we were treated with lots of green mangoes. It was a feast. We never had that much mangoes in our place. I thought eating mangoes with bagoong was worth the hours of walking. When it’s time to go down, I wish I could just roll my way down the hilly path. We were exhausted and no amount of wearing compression stockings could relieve my aching feet. It was a memorable adventure, but sadly, I’ll never experience anything like it again as I have trouble walking long distance.   🙁

Christmas get-together

I was invited by high school batch mates for a get together this weekend. The gathering is also a venue for the group to raise funds to be given to survivors of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) through the noontime show Eat Bulaga. The occasion will be held in a restaurant so attendees will definitely enjoy the evening without a hassle. I’m not sure if the organizer would hire a band or would just play the Marching Snare Drums at WWBW as the night progresses. But whatever setting it would be, I’m sure it will be another night to remember for batch 1987.

The Best Places to Spend the Holidays with Friends

Are you the type of person who love going out with your friends? The holiday season gives people a reason to meet up more and mingle with other people. While there are some people who enjoy quiet moments with their loved ones, there are also people who truly believe that there is a need for music to be turned up high in order to truly enjoy and party all night. Loud music and even band playing can be heard if there is a new roland cube 80xl. It will help people enjoy the music more plus the beats that will be heard will truly make your heart jump faster as well. The best holiday destination can be anywhere as long as you are with people you like to be with.