Don’t forget to label important medicine when traveling

If you are planning your next trip somewhere, make sure you have a sturdy pack or box for you first aid kit or medicine. If you are on medication for your weight loss problem, say perhaps adapexin-p, you can put a label on a small container so it won’t mix with your migraine pills and other prescriptions. Labeling helps you find your medicine easier especially when you have a lot of bags for your business or personal travel. For myself, I place all my pills inside my hand-carry luggage for convenience.

One thought on “Don’t forget to label important medicine when traveling

  1. krizzyla

    It is not only when traveling need to label the medicine even at home it must be labeled not only label by names but also the expiration dates. Medicine if taken properly and at right prescription can cure patient but when it is taken wrongly it is indeed and definitely can cause to death.


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