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Discover Singapore’s Man-Made Beaches

Love them or hate them — and we think you should love them — Singapore’s artificial beaches are part of the city-state’s cultural identity. Developers built these man-made spots to replace the areas lost to urbanization, and most are just as beautiful as their natural counterparts.

Want to explore the best of the best? Use this destination guide to navigate these Singaporean wonders, and get ready for a sun-drenched day by the sea.

East Coast Park

This local favorite is the largest recreational park in Singapore. Eastern residents flock to the destination for its tree-lined promenades, sandy beaches and stunning views of the East Coast Lagoon, and beach-goers can even take a swim thanks to the man-made breakwaters. Our advice? Show up early enough to watch the sun rise over the sea, and then spend a quiet morning lounging on the beach and exploring the attractions.

Sentosa Beaches

By far the most popular getaway destination in Singapore, the island of Sentosa is comprised of three sheltered, artificial beaches:

Siloso Beach: This southwestern area is known primarily for outdoorsy activities like beach volleyball, skim boarding and canoeing. You’ll also find a variety of boutiques and restaurants lining the shore.

Tanjong Beach: Located on the relatively secluded southern coast, this quiet stretch of sand has an exclusive atmosphere, and visitors often use it for private parties.

Palawan Beach: Situated at the heart of Sentosa’s beaches, this family-friendly spot is famous for its walkable suspension bridge that leads to Asia’s most southern point. Children can play in the cool sands or explore the seaside kids’ club, Port of Lost Wonder; adults, on the other hand, might prefer to browse the oceanfront shops and bars.

Whichever beach you choose to visit first, make sure to bring your credit card; shopping, dining and bar-hopping are the island’s top après-sun attractions.

St. John’s and Lazarus Island

Located just a stone’s throw from Kusu Island, these rustic southern spots are perfect for beach-loving adventurers. Unwind on the imported-sand beaches, explore the underwater coral and keep your eyes peeled for pink dolphins. Though neither area is far from accommodation and transportation options, St. John’s and Lazarus Island feel worlds away from the rigors of daily life.