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Installation Concept Art

Azucacera by Nikki Luna

Currently on display at the Lopez Museum

Those diamond-looking items are real sugars shaped into diamond by young artist Nikki Luna. They are not brad sugars, but ordinary sugar like the ones found in the kitchen. So what does the sugar diamonds imply as part of her exhibit at the Lopez Museum? Sugar as it is, is an important commodity to both landlords and farmers in areas where she took the inspiration to set up the Azucacera. She used this as part of the series of installation concept art to convey social issues such as displacement of families due to land grabbing and mining.

BEAT Exhibit at the Lopez Memorial Museum

I had a chance to visit this museum a few days ago. The kids have expressed their interest to tag along, but as much as I want to bring them to the launching, I simply can’t, it was a coverage and mommy needs to work.

I had a great time during the museum tour and enjoyed meeting young artists Nikki Luna and Ernest Concepcion at the launching of their exhibit. Interviewing them (with other bloggers) was a wow moment for me. It’s not just the hanging arts that impressed me, but the subtle meaning behind the drawings and installations as explained by the artists themselves. (Nikki Luna, for example, is supporting a social cause. How I love to do a separate and lengthy interview with her on that topic.)

It was an educational event for me. I only regret that I suck at taking pictures. Here are some pictures I took inside the museum. Pardon the blurry and dark shots, we were not allowed to use the flash. 🙁

Ernest Concepcion’s Hidalgo, the super multi-dimensional time bandit

Mixed media

Nikki Luna’s Precious and Fertile


Catch the awe-inspiring artworks of Luna and Concepcion and other contemporary artists at the Lopez Museum. The exhibit will run until October 12.

The Lopez Memorial Museum is at the ground floor of Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. Museum days and hours are Mondays to Saturdays, except holidays, 8am-5pm. For more information, call 631-2417.

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