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Tacloban City

Two of the things that I initially look for when I step inside an inn or hotel where I am billeted are the bed and the comfort room. I’m not picky when it comes to place of sleep. All I need is a bed, not too big or small, but comfortable enough to relax after a tiring day of work.

Hotel Alejandro in Tacloban City

One of the hotels/inns I’ve stayed at while in Tacloban. The photo is not mine.

Fortunately, I’ve got the best bedroom and comfort room in one of my work-related trips to Tacloban, except for that inn along (oh I forgot the street, but it was in Tacloban as well), they don’t have a built in water heater. The water running from the danze shower head is freezing cold. I thought I would get sick during my stay there. I couldn’t complain because my sponsors where the ones who paid for my rent. Besides I was there to work. It wasn’t a pleasure trip after all.