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Tagaytay City

I had the chance to visit Tagaytay City in 2006 for a media briefing on Contraceptive Self-Reliance Strategy (CSR) conducted by the Department of Health’s Family Health Office. A handful of reporters mostly covering the health beat were chosen for the activity. We were billeted at Days Hotel where the seminar also took place.

We arrived in Tagaytay almost dinner time. We were given a chance to look for our assigned room and then freshen up before we went out to look for a restaurant to have dinner. My companions knew the popular restaurants around. We chose the one that served sumptuous seafood meals (too bad I forgot the name of the place). A friend took some photos after we have finished eating.

I share a room with a friend and we had a great time chatting before we call it a night. The following morning is the start of the seminar, but before we eat breakfast and proceed to the conference room, we take a few minutes to get some shots of Taal Volcano, the hotel and this spot at the back of the hotel.

A friend who saw us taking pictures said we could place yoga mats on the ground and have a relaxing pose there. If not for the seminar, my friend and I could have stayed longer, but the seminar will start in a few minutes and we have to proceed to the conference room…

I wish to go back to Tagaytay and take the whole family with me. It would be one exciting adventure for us. 🙂