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Growing Plants Can Be Simple

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens In Europe

Whether you are a keen amateur horticulturist, or simply a fan of the beauty of nature, visiting gardens can be a great way to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries.

Europe is home to some amazing gardens that are open to the public – with the continent’s rich history and diverse climates making it a great place to see some amazing, diverse and inspiring garden spaces.

Wherever you go in Europe, you won’t be far from a wonderful garden. For those who are unsure where to start we have put together a collection of great gardens to get you started.

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, London, England

This amazing horticultural resource is home to some 3,000 specimens from across the world and the Kew garden team are at the cutting edge of horticultural research. Set beside London’s river thanks the garden are home to a glass palm house and temperate house dating from the Victoria era.

  1. Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France

These are the gardens that provided in inspiration for “Waterlillies” impressionist Claude Monet, and it is easy to see why. The garden’s at Giverny are divided into two – the Clos Normand at the front of the house and the famous Japanese inspired water garden that features in the well known works of art – with it’s bespoke built bridge and some specimens remaining that were planted by the painter himself.

  1. Generalife, Granada, Spain

This stunning garden space above the Moorish Alhambra is made up of the water garden courtyard and the sultana’s garden and is widely recognised as one of the best of its kind.

  1. Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, Italy

The rocky crag of this Borromean Island in the centre of the picturesque lake was landscaped with imported soil into the stunning gardens that can be seen today. Features include stunning stepped terraces.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

Set in 70 acres in the Scottish capital, The Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh are an amazing landscaped work of art, with glasshouses offering some more exotic specimens.

  1. Nymphenburg Palace Gardens, Munich, Germany

Baroque gardens just 2km from the centre of the city and incorporates three pavilions, an “English Garden” and even its own temple.

  1. Powerscourt, Dublin, Ireland

Gardens that were created to appear part of the larger surrounding landscape, the grounds at Powerscourt House, near Dublin incorporate an Italian Garden, Japanese Garden, and Walled Garden among their many attractions.

  1. Gardens of Versailles, Versailles, France

Commissioned by Louis XVI, the gardens at Versaille to 40 years to complete, famous features include the Orangerie, fountains and canal all of which are looked over by the stunning Palace of Versailles itself.

  1. Garden of Cosmic Specualtion, Portrack House, Holywood, Scotland

Designed by the on time Laird of Portrack House, Charles Jencks, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation is unlike anything else in the UK. Sculpted terraces bulldozed into place to meet Feng Shui principles, a twisted mound and ethereal water features make for a truly amazing experience.

  1. Bodnant Garden, Conwy, Wales

Looking over the River Conwy to the mountain of Snowdonia, Bodnant enjoys a stunning setting for its combination of terraced gardens and wild “Dell”.