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The photog, the pilot and I

Traveling was one of the most memorable parts of my job that I cherish until now. I would always travel with a photographer and a pilot (our term for the company driver). We work as a team. I was assigned a different photographer in every assignment. But somehow I develop friendship with each of them because they don’t only care for their output, but they also show concern especially when we were assigned to go to a not-so safe place for a woman like me.

ver noveno images for blog post

My favorite photographer in People’s Tonight.

Our driver partner was also an efficient worker. He drives carefully no matter how far or how long the travel would take us to our place of destination. None of us (the photographer and me) entertain the thought of needing the assistance of a Texas truck accident lawyer because we felt so at ease with our pilot’s driving ability whatever the weather is. I really miss working with my team.

Photo credit: VerNovenoImages