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Vacation travel time

It’s summer season in the Philippines.The scorching heat of the sun is proof that summer is here. It’s the season for the much-awaited travel to different vacation sports here and abroad. Those looking for the best travel deals secure their itinerary and book their flight months from the expected date of travel. Early preparation will provide you enough time to think of activities to do while on vacation and sufficient time to buy pasalubong to you loved ones, including montecristo cigars to the elders (even if they don’t smoke) who love to receive cigars as present.

Also, think of activities suitable for kids (if you have kids at home). Make the most of vacation time to build happy memories with your loved ones.

Buying the Kuat Bike Rack to Make Your Vacation Fun


When traveling, you will need to bring your bike along just so that you enjoy your vacation. The good news is that you just need to buy a kuat bike rack and your travel problems will be solved. You do not want to be stuck in some villa or some motel room when you are on vacation, but you want to get out and see the land. Next to walking, the best way for you to enjoy the scenic landscapes is on a bike. In the market, you will find bike racks that can handle even two bikes comfortably. Look for racks that will fit two or three bikes without the bikes rubbing on each other.


My nephew will spend his vacation in the Philippines after working for more than a year in the Middle East as a nurse. My daughter is also excited for his older cousin’s homecoming because she’s going to receive a new set of color pencil from him as a little gift for the drawing (of Kurt Cobain) that she made for him last month. From the list of presents that my nephew prepares for his relatives in Gensan, I’m sure it includes cashmere gifts for girlfriend Wen.

See you when I see you, G.  Have a safe trip!