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Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant

Waterfalls Restaurant

Lunch is served on bamboo dining tables set in a few inches of crystalline running water from the falls. The experience of dining on delicious local dishes with the sparkling waterfalls as a backdrop with clear spring water running over your feet is a truly singular and memorable experience only Villa Escudero can offer. – info from villaescudero.com

Photo credits: My daughter and her classmate Yvette

How to get to Villa Escudero:

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resorts is located in San Pablo City, Laguna (Philippines).

To get there, take the South superhighway and exit at 50A (Lucena, Legaspi, Batangas exit).

Turn left at the Sto. Tomas junction. Head straight down, by-passing the town of Alaminos and San Pablo City proper. Slow down upon seeing Quezon arch and turn left immediately after. villaescudero.com

Outdoor Wednesday: Click on the picture below to learn more...