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Get the Most Out of Your Shapewear with These 4 Easy Styling Tips

More and more women, from Tinseltown to the local town are wearing shapewear. And there is a good reason for this. Shapewear helps to shape the body. It hides the lines so that clothes drape and fit better. Shapewear also help to improve posture and most importantly, improve confidence. A good shapewear will accentuate the body’s best features and beautiful curves, and at the same time, makes you feel comfortable.

That said, it can be rather difficult to know what type of shapewear to choose. Well don’t worry because here are some tips to on how to choose shapewear and what are the best shapewear for different part of the body to help you get the most out of it.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Shapewear For Your Needs

If you are not used to buying shapewear, it can be confusing. Here are some tips you should always keep in mind.

Avoid shapewear that is too tight
Shapewear should fit you snugly, but not too tight that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Comfort is important when wearing shapewear. 

Choose the right shapewear color
To get the most out of your shapewear and to avoid any wardrobe malfunction, choose shades that are close to your skin tone.

Find the right balance
When buying shapewear, focus on one or a few body parts for good balance. By doing so, the different body parts will balance up and make the whole look more coherent. 

Different Types of Shapewear To Help You Get The Most Out of It

Some people already know which areas of the body they want to accentuate or have better support, while others need some guidance on which shapewear is best for their body. Below are some of the best shapewear for tummy, hips, buttocks and thighs. 

Best tummy shapewear

The belly is the area that most women want help with shaping and tightening. For those with an hourglass figure, you can complement your shape with a body shaper that focusses on the waist. For those with a round figure, you can use shapewear to shape the upper body. A pair of high waisted panties is great for firming and holding the tummy in. Most people want help shaping or tightening. A corset or waist cincher is also one of the best shapewear for tummy that will flatten it and also cinch the waist. 

NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap

Hips and Thighs Shapewear

Many people have bulging and uneven skin around the thighs and hips. Shapewear can help to smooth out the skin and define the curves. If you have a pear body shape, you can accentuate your shape by supporting your lower body with a pair of shapewear shorts. They can shape the whole area from the waist to the thigh. If shorts are not your cup of tea, you can get a pair of shapewear leggings to tighten the hips and derriere. 

AirSlim® Boned Sculpt High Waist Shorts

Show Off Your Shapewear

Most people wear their shapewear under their clothes but you can also wear shapewear as an outerwear. Shapewear does not always have to be hidden away. You can wear a bodysuit with a pair of jeans. This way, you can get yourself a top that supports and fits well while allowing you to show off your shape at the same time. 

AirSlim® See-Through Mesh Smoothing Bodysuit

You can also get yourself a body shaper dress that has built-in shapewear. This dress is elegant and can be easily dress up or down. Shapewear can be worn as outerwear much like your other clothing with the added benefit of helping to support and shape the body.

Seamless Eco-Friendly Shaping Dress with Large U-Back

If you are looking for the perfect shapewear to complete your wardrobe, be sure to check out Shapellx for the best shapewear for very shape, size and occasion. 

Getting Ready for Summer

With the rollout of the COVID19 vaccines in the country, we are hopeful that we may experience a certain level of “normalcy” in the next few months. The idea of going back to activities that we loved excites us. We can somehow start planning the trips that have been canceled a year ago, including the itinerary for summer vacation.

Photo by Vic Alcuaz on Unsplash

It makes us feel good to make plans for the summer. So what we want to do when we can safely move? When it is okay to travel, my daughter plans to bring our family to the less crowded beach where we can take advantage of a beautiful day strolling on the seaside. We were stuck at home for most of the year, so a beach plan is something that makes us feel better.

We don’t have a place in mind yet. But for now, we’re checking on essentials to bring for the weekend getaway. Aside from food, I want to secure one piece swimsuits for myself and my daughter. We are unsure about the swimming part, but it’s fine to bring one. Modest swimwear will work for me since I’m on the heavy side.

I have checked a website that sells single piece swimsuits. I’m surprised that Lime Ricki offers 3X sizes. It would better fit me, or I would go for size 4X.

Besides the simple yet stylish design, the swimsuits are made of comfortable materials. I’m glad they have this line for plus-size women. I could comfortably have fun in the sun with all the support I need to enjoy the beach. 

The Versatile Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rugs

Add a touch of tradition or a stylish centerpiece with sheepskin rugs. An ideal choice for many styles, these rugs are warm, elegant, and versatile. Whether draped across a living room sofa, lain at the foot of a bed, or used as a backing on a rocker, the iconic look and feel of sheepskin provide a distinctive and instantly-recognizable focal point in any room.

With a softer-than-a-cloud feel and a thick, gorgeous texture, this material provides a natural alternative to synthetic fibers, whilst adding the unmistakable touch of luxury. These rugs can serve as affordable, long-lasting centerpieces, but can also take a backseat role in adding coziness and comfort and accentuating your existing furnishings.

A stunning array of color options allows for variety and flexibility in placement. Natural hues such as whites, browns, and blacks complement a room’s neutral palette or enhance rustic vibes, whilst trendier colors such as rose, lilac, and champagne imbue a space with a unique and modern twist. Numerous size options increase the versatility of these rugs, allowing them to be used for a variety of purposes. Due to their versatility, they also pair well with a variety of other furnishings, making them a good option for redecoration projects. Use them to add a new pop of color or a unique counterpoint to one of your rooms today.

In place of area rugs, sheepskin rugs help prevent the loss of heat through floors, aiding your budget and providing you with an eco-friendly option! This hypoallergenic material has a myriad of scientifically proven health benefits. It aids in regulating body temperature, maintaining healthy skin, and provides a natural bacterial repellent. It also contains natural lanolin. Lanolin gives sheepskin water-resistant properties, protecting it against spills and increasing its natural durability for greater cost-effectiveness compared to synthetic alternatives.

Care is a snap, much simpler and easier than the treatments synthetic rugs require. When accidents happen, sheepskin rugs can be hand-washed, dry-cleaned, or washed on the wool cycle in a regular washer. With regular simple and easy care, their natural thickness and durability help them to outlast synthetic alternatives, further increasing their cost-efficacy.

Find joy in using these rugs as blankets and curling up under one on a cold winter evening in front of the fire. Natural materials such as sheepskin have been scientifically proven to enhance sleep. They can also be used as classy wall hangings to add flair and a sense of drama, whilst complementing your personal taste and style. Their warmth, softness, and stunning texture are unparalleled among both natural and synthetic alternatives. Invest today in a well-made, authentic rug that will lend you an iconic look, stand the test of time, and serve you for years to come. Visit City Cows website for more information.