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Salute to hard working firefighters


One of the professions that I consider genuinely admirable job is that of a firefighter. They don’t receive a big salary, at least in my part of the country, but in many instances have placed their lives on the line.

In the early 2000, I was fortunate to have met a brave firefighter. He has been in the dangerous profession for, I think, 20 years. He is a family man with simple dreams for his family.

He might have chosen a well-paying job where his personal safety is a priority, but opted to work in the government to be a firefighter.

For this, the hardworking man is not only worthy of the accolade he so deserves but receives something to appreciate his hard work. A Joy Jewelers fireman necklace is a simple token to appreciate his valor.

Humanitarian work

Several volunteer doctors residing in the US visit the Philippines every year to offer their services for free with the help of their counterpart doctors in the country. The beneficiaries are patients, who don’t have access to government health services or don’t even hear about These patients live in the rural areas of the country and they couldn’t afford the services in big hospitals.

The Carolina Medical Mission is a group of US-based doctors and local physicians offer free eye cataract surgery, cleft lip palate operation and patients with thyroid, gall bladder and hernia ailments.

Photo taken from the CMM website.

I was able to interview CMM members in one of their medical outreach programs in Metro Manila. The group especially the elder members said they have live comfortable lives in the US and it’s about time to help their kababayans who have less in life. The surgical team of the Carolina Medical Mission has already helped more than 100,000 patients nationwide since their humanitarian work began in 1990s.